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FastVitaminIV Specialist

Hydrate Medical

Linda Y. Dula, DO

Alternative Medicine & Medical Spa located in Asheville, NC

FastVitaminIV® is an optional add-on for your NAD+ infusion that rapidly improves your focus, hydration, energy, and mood. At Hydrate Medical in Asheville, North Carolina, Linda Dula, DO, performs this infusion in just one minute or less to give you the boost you need for a successful workout or workday. To learn more about FastVitaminIV’s process and benefits, call Hydrate Medical or book a visit online today.

FastVitaminIV Q&A

What is FastVitaminIV®?

FastVitaminIV is an infusion containing a blend of 19 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. You can add it onto a normal NAD+ infusion at Hydrate Medical for a collection of mind and body benefits.

While most vitamin infusions take up to 120 minutes to administer, with a 30-minute minimum, FastiVitaminIV takes just one minute. This rapid infusion allows you to experience the benefits right away. The nutrients enter your cells and improve their functioning immediately. 

What are the benefits of FastVitaminIV?

Thanks to its assortment of important micronutrients, FastVitaminIV offers an impressive set of effects and benefits for your general wellness. Shortly after you finish your infusion at Hydrate Medical, you’ll experience:


FastVitaminIV helps your body retain more water, which hydrates you on a cellular level. Better hydration can relieve hangovers, headaches, nausea, and general fatigue. It also helps you age more gracefully so you develop wrinkles and lines at a slower rate. 

Exercise benefits

FastVitaminIV is a choice infusion for athletes of all levels thanks to its exercise benefits. You’ll experience optimal physical performance after an infusion and your muscles can recover more quickly after a tough workout. 

Improved mood

The nutrient blend in FastVitaminIV boosts your mood as well as your overall sense of well-being. 

Better sleep

FastVitaminIV’s blend can help balance your nervous system and improve its functioning. As a result, you’ll get a great night’s sleep after your infusion. 

Concentration and focus

Brain fogginess is common, especially during the afternoon when you’re in the middle of a workday. FastVitaminIV can put you back on track with mental clarity. 

How will I feel during and after my FastVitaminIV infusion?

It takes just one minute or less for Dr. Dula to deliver your FastVitaminIV infusion. It goes directly into your vein, just like a normal IV infusion. 

Despite the fact that it bypasses your digestive system, one of the first sensations you’ll notice during your infusion is an unusual taste. Then, you’ll feel a sensation of warmth in the back of your throat that seems to travel down your body until it develops into an urge to urinate. 

You might feel some brief dizziness or lightheadedness, but this goes away quickly as the “push effect” sets in. The push effect is a term for the surge of energy, mental focus, and positive mood you’ll feel right away after your infusion. 

If you’re interested in adding FastVitaminIV to your next NAD+ infusion, call Hydrate Medical today or request an appointment online.